Compression Chamber

Directions to the Foxtown - Sacred Ruins sector

One of the more popular areas due to its proximity to the road (5 minute approach) and the concentration of problems of all grades. Approach by walking up the left side of the gully. If you've reached the house you walked too far.

Directions to the Compression Chamber boulder

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Problem Spray Name Grade Quality Picture


Crimpenstein V2
Line of crimps on the outside wall.


The Temptress-open proj V6
Not really sure where we are going with this one. Locate a nice exit ramp at the top of the hallway. Trying to start tis problem just right of this ramp. Possible SS.


Pressure Chamber V6
Establish yourself in the flaring dihedral and delicately reach a sloping crimp. Paste feet and launch for the top hoping to gain some purchase off of the iron oxide rails Tags


Mikes nsane traverse V7
Start over by tree and traverse rail into Pressure Chamber topout