Directions to the Foxtown - Sacred Ruins sector

One of the more popular areas due to its proximity to the road (5 minute approach) and the concentration of problems of all grades. Approach by walking up the left side of the gully. If you've reached the house you walked too far.

Directions to the Cinema Alley boulder

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Problem Spray Name Grade Quality Picture


Popcorn Addict V2
Start at the very top boulder before the main cliffline. This line goes up the middle of the of triangular boulder staying off the right arete.


Film at 11 V2
The right arete on triangular boulder. Watch tree on your right.


Room With a View V2
A nice and decieving slab on second boulder down. Top out is the juice.


Trust V2
A steep cavity in the low side of the boulder. SS two hands in crack. Watch loose block 9 feet up.


Dead Eye V3
3 feet right of Trust. Start on holds below the sloping rail. wander up the face. Quite nice.


Marble Mouth V3
Third boulder down the hill. High side there are two problems established. Often wet. SS just right of tree on pockets. Look for a solid knob 4 feet up. Mantle out.


Smooth Operator V2
High side right of Cable Guy. Sit start and top out on nice sloping edges.


Short Circuit-open proj V8
Blunt arete left of tree. I dont see holds but man it looks sweet.


Faceless Nation-open proj V6
Dead vert between the trees. Needs cleaned.


Fly Your Flag V2
Downhill side of boulder 3. There is a boulder laying against the main one. An obvious killer arete marks this line. Start two hands on a low obvious side pull. Figure out foot beta, pull on and barn door your way to the summit.


Cable Guy V3
Are we in Horsepens? Slopers upon slopers. Get ya some.


Tear It Up V4
Yowser. Figure out how to pull on to this gem and you are rewarded with some brilliant face moves. The small cheater rock out left is off for feet.


Sit on It V3
This problem will be hidden even when you are staring at it because it is so short. Sit on a small boulder and pull yer duff up to a super wild looking iron oxide ripple on top. More stars if it were taller.


Jawbone V6
Oh yeah. Must do. Tick it. Steep prow. SS on left hand side pull and rt hand rail. Eye the heinous pinch on the arete and pump or jump for the top.


Gumball V2
Do not be lulled into ignoring these pleasant gems. These 4 foot high boulders are great introductions for those new to mantles. This the is high side problem.


Ungreatful V2
The low side problem of the two shorties.