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Directions to the Mudroom boulder

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Problem Spray Name Grade Quality Picture


Witness Protection V3
The last 15 feet of Witeness the hickness is a nice problem on its own. Start on crimp rail at the lip. Feet are our left on a super thin pocket. Work right about 6-8 feet on the lip, locating an obvious baseball sized thumb. Hit this and continue upwards on easier terrain. Finish on two chalked rails about 14 feet up. Drop off.


Witness the Hickness V10
Looong roof crack that start with feet on back wall.


Herding Cats V9
Begin under the roof right of Hickness matched on an edge. Crank out to some ridiculous edges over the lip and climb up the steep face to a decent ending jug.


Turd on Herd V9
Squat start on rounded horrid edges right of Herding Cats and make a difficult campus move to a pinch. Climb over into the ending of Herding Cats


Happy Pappy Left V3
SS in layback 3 feet off ground...up and left to jug. drop off.


Happy Pappy Right V3
Same SS as Happy Pappy Left. Trend right.


Nostalgia V5
SS on an obvious wide flake. Up and left. drop off.


Principle of Chaos V8
Low SS with left heel hook and right foot tucked under roof. Micro bumps on small slopers to a nice ledge 8 foot up.


Windsong V7
SS immediately right of Principe of Chaos. Not yet sent.


Blat - Project V8
Next roof right of Mudroom. Low start on a squarish corner matched. Big move right to a jug then devise an exit.


Eidolon-Furlough cave V5
Left side of Furlough cave. SS in back of out low roof, with part of the crux trying to keep your but from dragging in the mud. Curve left around the roof and top out on an obvious flat jug at head height.


Nightmare on Hurd Street V9
Yowser. Brilliant addition to the cave. Crimp rails lead to a beta intensive sequence which flows through two killer pinch blocks at the lip.


Furlough V2
The obvious flake running the entire length of the roof. Superb warmup.


Phantasm V5
Same start as Furlough. instead of riding the rail system, break left into the roof aiming for a crimp rail at the lip. Control the viscious foot swing and campus a few more moves up and left.


Turbulence V9
THE problem to bag at Furlough cave. Locate an obvious "shield" 8 feet up. Upside down compression moves get you to this feature where the real funbegins. Eyeball a crimp a country mile away and ponder your descent to terra firma.


G man V2
Far right side of Furlough Cave. Start deep in the bowels under a 4 foot wide hueco. Traverse out the left side, go above, and then traverse right to share finishing hold with Posse.


Posse Comitatus V1
Shorter version of G man, but still steep. Shares finishing jug.