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Directions to the Foxtown - S-Tree sector

S-Tree Campground sits on a ridge above Horse Lick Creek on London Ranger District near McKee in Jackson County, Kentucky.

Directions to the Beer Can boulder

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Anonymous said on April 12th, 2020
Anyone been here? Can we get some info?
Anonymous said on April 13th, 2020
hey man, how about you do some developing on your own? Then you share info. We sure completed a ton of ground work for you already. Add to the pot.
Anonymous said on April 13th, 2020
I'm not sure what you mean? They've listed this boulder cluster as the "beer can boulders" I was simply curious of what was to be said about the area. As far as im concerned the sharing of information and knowledge should be the main function of this website. Who's to say I haven't been? What would you know?
pigsteak said on April 13th, 2020 has a map with gps coordinates. beer can boulders is included there. hope that helps
Anonymous said on April 13th, 2020
Well, i wasnt exactly asking "where" more so what problems had been established in the area since that information doesnt seem to be posted. As far as what has been posted (maps, gps, and vague beta), im aware of.
Anonymous said on April 25th, 2020
Obviously you haven't been.
Anonymous said on June 17th, 2020
anybody even climb here? or yall just marking territory?
FatCat said on June 17th, 2020
@anonymous go check it out. People have been there. Climbed there. Go getcha some
Anonymous said on September 24th, 2020
@fatcat have you been there? if so why dont you save me the hike and shed some light, friend? or naw?
DanMan95 said on September 24th, 2020
@ anon LOL
FatCat said on September 26th, 2020
@anon I have not been there personally but I know problems have been put up there by Dustin, the guy who saw the potential down around foxtown initially. I think there’s a pin for it online though! Checkerboard area is nearby and has some great blocs if you have a 4WD vehicle to make it back there. Happy hunting
pigsteak said on October 15th, 2020
I have been and would gladly go again...hit me up.