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Directions to the Foxtown - Wind Cave sector

Turn onto Salt Rock Rd. off of Foxtown-Lake Creek Road and drive 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Wind Cave Rd. and drive 1.6 miles. After a few hundred feet you'll see a church on the left. Turn left here onto Wind Cave Church Rd. and make the first right onto a Forest Service road. At the first intersection, turn left and drive about .5 miles until the road turns sharply right and park. If you reach a turn-around spot you went too far. The trail to most of the areas is on the left.

Directions to the PAC Man boulder

As you are walking back to the far end of the point hosting the McCow Pasture boulders take a left when the trail splits about 5 minutes before reaching McCow. The trail heads down a break to the base of a short cliff. Follow the cliffline to the right a bit until reaching a spray painted red mark on the rock. From here walk downhill and continue straight to reach this obvious monolithic boulder on the hillside. This is PAC Man.

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PAC Man V8