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tag :: crimpy
Spray Tag Count problem Name boulder Name sector Name Type Grade Picture
1 Night Crawler Pier BMW - The Pond V6  
1 Lindsey Lohan ICU BMW - Rehab V3  
1 Crime Scene Bullpen Foxtown - S-Tree V6
1 Blood Sacrifice Main Street BMW - Mayberry V6  
1 Twin Pistons Walker's Branch Foxtown - S-Tree V3
1 Emmas Blue PIll Aunt Bea's BMW - Mayberry V2  
1 Spot at Lukins PJ Boulder Foxtown - Lost City V5
1 Goosebumps Gatekeeper Boulder Foxtown - The Crypt V5  
1 Black World Foxtown - Sacred Ruins V7
1 Hailstorm Patchwork Foxtown - Sacred Ruins V2
1 Pop Pop Cheech and Chong Foxtown - Smoke Shop V5
1 Sugar Rush Halfway House BMW - Rehab V9  
1 The Misfit Barney's Bloc BMW - Mayberry V7