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tag :: highball
Spray Tag Count problem Name boulder Name sector Name Type Grade Picture
1 Scalper The Attic BMW - Babadook V5
1 Protagonist Bastard The Diner BMW - Mayberry V8
1 Out of the Money Section A BMW - Wall Street V2
1 The Wolves of Wall Street Section A BMW - Wall Street V7
1 Movie Star The Diner BMW - Mayberry V4
1 The Claw Bullpen Foxtown - S-Tree V4
1 Church Lady Main Wall BMW - The Gallows V5  
1 Dental Dam Bullpen Foxtown - S-Tree V5
1 Goober Wally's Garage BMW - Mayberry V4
1 Rigor Mortis Gatekeeper Boulder Foxtown - The Crypt V5
1 Blood Sacrifice Main Street BMW - Mayberry V6  
1 Hot Brown Cheech and Chong Foxtown - Smoke Shop V2
1 Loaded Goat Jailhouse BMW - Mayberry V5
1 The Bully Chalkboard Foxtown - Art Gallery V4
1 Doc Malloy The Diner BMW - Mayberry V5  
1 Morphine PROJECT ICU BMW - Rehab V8
1 Pappy Van Winkle Main Wall BMW - The Gallows V7
1 Mary Poppins Mullin Section B BMW - Mullin's Point V4