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Post by Josephine » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:19 pm

WOW!!!! I'm amazed at the efforts of the climbing community! This past Johnny & Alex Trail day was the best one yet!

The weather was one of the first truly beautiful climbing days - and yet people came out in droves to help support the land owned by climbers. Thank you to everyone who preregistered and showed up! By taking 30 seconds, you enabled us to order just the right amount of food - this year not a burrito was wasted (thanks Miguel's!!! They were super tasty!) We also had an AWESOME dinner by the Rockhouse!!!! Their burgers are the best and we had enough that those who wanted seconds could :-D The 23 string band, volley ball, soccer game, limbo and all the other antics were loads of fun too!

I'm sure Matt will have a full list of the accomplishments (I stayed behind to make sure dinner would be ready!) but here's a sneak preview
- The Road is fixed. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY so the gravel can settle
- The Mtn Bike trail has a 1 mile loop completed. I'm told it's "technical" mtn biking (for those who know what that means!)
- We improved trails to: Gallery, Volunteer Wall & Drive By. Might be a few other areas too, I'm not entirely sure.

Big Thanks to Matt & Mike who spent the week prior to the event mapping out projects so that everything would go smoothly!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible - without your efforts, no projects would have been completed.

Aaron Brouwer
Adam Kruer
Adam Thompson
Alison Hayes
Amelia Bryant
Amy Tackett
Andrew Bundy`
Andrew Gearing
Andrew Sowell
Andrew Stewart
Ann Bronaugh
April Fields
April Neukam
Ashlee Milanich
Ben Yates
Bethany Fenton
Bill Strachan
Blake Bowling
Bram Bell
Brandon Macy
Brennan Brown
Brent Dupree
Brittany Venci
Brittany Veru
Bryan Boyd
Bryan Lemon
Bryant McDonnell
Cal Staben
Carlos Esocbar
Carrie Kirkpatrick
Chris Karounos
Cliff Heindel
Clinton Lewis
Curtis Gale-Dyer
Dan Beck
Daniel Hermanns
Daniel Spaulding
Dario Ventura
Dave Jaspersen
David Fromke
David King
Dr. Bob Matheny
Drew Stewart
Dru Mack
Dustin Stephens
Elena Bakanova
Elodie Saracco
Emily Ventura
Emma Humburg
Eric Chantair
Eric Chastary
Eric Cox
Eric Miller
Eva Bach
Fernanda Diaz
Freddie Ballard
Galen Wilder
George Terrizzi
Gloria Navaro
Greg Humburg
Gus Kunesh
Hayley Watts
Ilona Parks
Ines Schrottenbach
Ivan Quinones
Jack Taylor
Jacob Castle
Jamelyn Kyser
James Jones
James Neukam
Jamie Minges
Jane Maurer
Jane Maurer
Jay Taylor
Jay Weekly
Jeff Castro
Jeffrey B Kayse
Jenn Metelko
Jennifer metelko
Jenny Leitch
Jesse Bronaugh
Jesse Sterr
Jessica Haylock
Jimmy Farrell
JJ Jones
Joe Jasperson
Joel Handley
John Bartect
John Seymer
John Sites
Jonah Fickel
Josephine Neff
Josh Miller
Josh OBryan
Joy Taylor
Kate Hedrick
Kate LaBoone
Kenneth Johns
Kenton Weir
Kevin Downs KD
Kris Kallenberger
Kyle Fisher
Lago Linda
Larry Forman
Leah Scott
Lena Bakanova
Leor Gold
Lila Simpson
Liz Edmonson
Logan Smith
Margaret Schneider
Marina Coma
Mark Ventura
Marty Vogel
Mary Phillips
Matt Tackett
Matthew Owens
Meilssa Obryan
Michelle Johnston
Miguel Ventura
Mike Driskell
Mike Susko
Mike Trabel
Nick Bose
Nick Hellmich
Nicole Bunda
Nina Fay Surroce
Patrick Marrinan
Patrick Miller
Patti Winford
Paul Vidal
Quinn Michael Hill
Rachel Stewart
Rae Hartley
Rett English
Rick Bost
Ricky Parks
Rob Even
Roger Bess
Sally Minges
Sandy Davies
Sarah Brengosz
Sarah Lyons
Sarah Rhomberg
Sarah Ventura
Scarlett Sanders
Scott Brown
Scott Hammon
Sean Getrost
Sean Stone
Sharla Hill
Sharla Louise Hill
Sierra Jones
Stacey Helton
Stephanie Meadows
Steve Winford
Stuart Peck
Susan Ventura
Symon Anoila
Symon Ardila
Tania Peret Allen
Tatiana Aristizabal
Terri King
Thomas Goad
Tim Giar
Tina Bronaugh
Tina Thomas
Todd Brashear
Tom Goad
Travis Long
Travis Peek
Travis Powell
Uma Nanjundan
Victor Knight
Wes Allen
Will Cummings
Yasmeen Fowler
Zach Bolander
Zachary Lesch-Huie

We did a little better than 68!!! ;-)

And if I've left off or misspelled your name - PLEASE CORRECT ME!!! (It just means you either didn't sign a waiver or I couldn't read your writing)
"Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game." ~ Under the Tuscan Sun

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Post by der uber » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:29 pm

Good times

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Post by bentley » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:41 pm

Hot damn!

Be proud to be a member of the best climbing community around!

Go team!
Climbing is not free. Support your local climbing organization. Labor and money precious resources!

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Post by dollyjn » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:20 am

Best darn place around, best darn people around AND the best darn Climbing around. It's a great place to get ideas, put them in motion and GROW from there.
PMRP is looking mighty NICE and is sustainable too! Not many around can say that.
Thank you all for the good times. I look forward to many more. :wink:
Giving back (donating time, money) is the ONLY way to say THANK YOU!!!
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