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Clevis Hitch
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BiG Dicks

Post by Clevis Hitch » Mon May 13, 2013 9:20 pm

I have a little climbing area that I was working on that Id like to hand off to the next generation. I was in parlance with Charles Booth about climbing at big dicks. I had sucessfully negotiated some terms with him for access. I had the Access Fund in on the deal and they were psyked. Charles wanted a couple of things (1) Insurance. The access fund was going to take care of this for about $50 a month. (2) cash, and shit loads of it.He had said that he would open it for climbing three times a year for two weeks at a time and he wanted a grand a week. Not undoable at least on a limited access basis. I think that some enterprising climbers could throw a kegger and get it paid for (three keggers a year? thats like not alot) since you are carrying insurance you can charge by the cup...Just think of the t-shirt possibilities...I love big dicks, honk for big dicks, if you love big dicks-climb it...ect. ad n.
What I would hate to see is the CC get this and lock it up for five years while they got all of the first ascents and make the prolateriat pay for it.

I would rather see someone like Kip and a few others go in there and love on it. I started the conversation. I got the people to the table for the first time so now its up to you.

The lead person should be southern, not a fucking lawyer throwing a bunch of papers in his face. He WILL NOT GO FOR KENTUCKY'S RECREATION ACT. He owns the land and he wants to make money off of it. Nothing wrong with that. He holds a Jeep Jamboree twice a year and charges $20 to ride in it. All of the money goes the the Tri-community fire department. Across from KOOPS. I suggest that some of you guys with off-road trucks participate.

Do not go traipsing across his land with out his permission. That will shut the door quicker than anything. No sports Bras. there was supposedly a big incident with Roxanna Brock 20 years ago. These a church going folks. Theres three Booths involved in the ownership of the land. Charlie, His brother and his sister. Be nice and they'll be nice to. get organized and make an effort. Dont go bugging him all independent. It took about four years to get here. Take your time. Dont bug them and make phone calls. Show up during daylight, ask permission.

I dont check on here regular so if youve got questions. (859)466-5156 or [email protected]

Good luck! Id like to see this cliffline opened up.
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Re: BiG Dicks

Post by milspecmark » Tue May 14, 2013 8:49 am

Where is it?

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Re: BiG Dicks

Post by Andrew » Tue May 14, 2013 10:25 am

milspecmark wrote:Where is it?
Is that a joke?
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