So, how busy was it, really?

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Re: So, how busy was it, really?

Post by weber » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:17 pm

lena_chita wrote:
...All I want to know is an estimate of total number of climbers in the gorge, regardless of where they decided to go climbing, and for what reasons. Since Muir Valley is the only place that tries to keep regular counts, the Muir Valley car/climber counts would be a starting point for an estimate, but that's all...

The question is, what is this ratio? Would it be fair to say that 1/3rd of the climbers who come to the Red on any given weekend will go to Muir? 1/2? 1/5th?
We keep an accurate count of cars and, from periodic statistical sampling of both cars and passengers a few weekends a year, it averages about 3.3 persons per vehicle. I understand the FS determines its number of visitors in the same way. The ratio will probably vary for different RRG climbing areas, but it will be close to 3.3. Based on past records and trends, Muir will see about 40,500 to 42,000 visitors in 2013

So, it's a simple—albeit tedious—matter of doing car counts at the parking areas for the crags.
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