know anyone who's been hurt?

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know anyone who's been hurt?

Post by an83angel » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:11 pm

alright guys, so i'm probably grounded from real rock after my accident last month from breaking my back :cry: . But help me from feeling alone in this situation. How many of you know a fellow climber who was grounded from that one bad decision leading to some serious changes. And the big question....are they climbing agian?

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Post by Meadows » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:15 pm

woah chica! Did you post this story somewhere? I want to read it!

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Post by kentuckysarah » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:18 pm

Well I wasn't seriously injured from my accident. Could have been, but not really. I was just really lucky. I thought my family would freak out and never let me climb again. But I think they kind of started to realize how important climbing is to me and they just told me I had to wear a helmet.

Just take it slowly. Make sure you recover completely, then if possible start climbing in the gym again. Then, once you're ready you can go outside again. I think this depends on how traumatic your accident has been. Many people were surprised that I was back climbing so soon, and I was really lucky it didn't scare me off. Make sure you take things slowly, and definately after you've completely healed.

Let me know if you need anything or any sort of help.

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Post by loren » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:22 pm

I know you, fellow climber :). I was really sorry to hear about your accident. Leah has kept me updated and I hope that she has sent her love.

As much as you love to climb, I think that you should consult with the specialists. Do they think that climbing might reinjure your back? If so, then you only can make that decision. Like Saray said, she wasn't seriously hurt and is not risking breaking her back AGAIN by climbing. Anyway, good luck. You are in my thoughts.

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Post by Artsay » Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:55 pm

I met some guy recently in the climbing gym here. He was a fit guy and I could tell he had really good technique though he wasn't climbing any of the hard problems. I talked to him a bit and he revealed that he broke his back and hadn't climbed in 9 months or something crazy like that. I didn't push for details but I had to hold back a tear of admiration and joy for this guy seeing him back in the gym for the first time in a long while.

Just put climbing out of sight for a good while and focus and healing yourself. Don't focus on all you *can't* do right now and just be thankful to be both ALIVE and not paralyzed. Your registered name is a good one for you because you definitely have an angel looking over you.

Take care of yourself and don't push the healing process. Climbing will always be here for you when you're ready.
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Post by meetVA » Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:22 pm

an83angel: no you are not alone. there are many people climbing now who have been in serious accidents (from climbing and other life experiences) but as everyone keeps saying (with good reason), let your body heal!!! looking long term here, the healing process is not something to be rushed. that is an easy thing to say and a hard thing to follow through but it sounds like you are tough enough.

for the most part, i think those on this board are not doctors and can only say things that come from observation. there's a lot of good info in the group! the only thing more i can say, and it isn't in direct with your question, but if the doctor you are currently seeing isn't giving you enough information and you aren't communicating well, then seek out a doctor with whom you can. they would know more about activities to start with to restrengthen your back (swimming comes to mind) without risking further injury. if you can't remember all the questions you have when you see the doctor, then write them down to take with you.

as it was when we all starting to climb, you work on the fundamentals. body integrity, mental integrity. then you up the challenge.

props to you for keeping your spirit up and may you heal well. two closing quotes:

"the body achieves what the mind believes"
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Post by jeffers_mz » Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:28 pm

I let a guy distract me on a construction site and stepped backwards off an edge and dropped 14 feet into the basement. Landed on my back on the concrete, smashed two of the spiny things on the vertebra, fractured a third, and did some nerve damage.

It healed up pretty well, but will stiffen up once in a while in the mornings, making it hard to get out of bed. An hour and a Relafin and I'm good to go. I started climbing about 2 years later and never have had any problems over it.

Just take it day by day and listen to what your body's trying to tell you. Best of luck.

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Post by andy_lemon » Mon Oct 20, 2003 2:31 pm

I've climbed with a couple of guys who used to climb trad alot... both had accidents on limestone where their gear pulled out and they decked. They both have war wounds on their ankles now, and don't climb trad much.
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Post by Christian » Mon Oct 20, 2003 3:13 pm

I know a nice guy named andy lemon who free soloed pogue's ethics without a helmet and landed onhis head after a 2 foot fall. Now he whines a lot and leaves used condoms by our tent. I think he si getting better though.
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Post by Guest » Mon Oct 20, 2003 3:41 pm

I fell off of of a highball v-00 and landed on a pine tree. After surgery to remove pine needles from my anal cavity I healed pretty well. I've met this wonderful guy named Loren and we've been dating ever since. My fall has opened my eyes to a whole new world of .......stimulation. I can't wait to see my b/f this weekend!!! :P

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Post by Meadows » Mon Oct 20, 2003 4:31 pm

No wonder Loren seemed attracted to my friend who looks like a boy.

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Post by an83angel » Mon Oct 20, 2003 4:46 pm

yeah, i heard about hat lemon kid :roll: ...made me feel lucky huh christian?

And hey loren...i was just talking to leah. thanks for the all the love and the flowers, every thought and prayer meant so much. my backs healing fast cause i never liked sitting still much, and if nothing else I'll see you all out on the hiking trails before long. it's so good to hear from you though. And congrats on the b/f.

hey jeffers, thanks for the story. that really is encouraging. my accident was similar and i my surgery was a pretty new one. so i haven't had many people to compare my experiance with.

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Post by wanderer » Mon Oct 20, 2003 5:04 pm

I'm thrilled to see a bit of spark still left there... already asking about people who have made it back to climbing, very good sign :wink:

When I cut my thumb the doc said I would never play the piano again. I just told him "So... never knew how to play anyway". See docs don't know everything, he thought I played the darn piano :P.

If anything you can always stick to easy stuff that you wouldn't likely fall on for as long as it takes, at least you'd be climbing.

Maybe a chest harness would help balance out a fall. Could some chest harness expert speak up about whether or not this could help?

If all else fails, with all the latest technology out there I bet something can be invented that will totally isolate the injuried area from a fall.

Rock on Lora!!

PS: Christian, I believe that accident may have contributed to his out of whack route setting abilities at the gym. He must see everything a bit lopsided now :lol: :P.

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Post by tomdarch » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:04 pm

I've had two different gym-induced tendon injuries. It's really, really frustrating to wait around for stuff to heal, but I'm glad that I gave it enough time to heal properly.

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Post by ynot » Mon Oct 20, 2003 8:20 pm

Two people likely broke thier ankles this past weekend. One on The Shining And one on Nevermore.
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