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Position: Assistant Manager of a Rock Climbing Company in the Red River Gorge, KY

Employment Information:
This position is full-time (30-55 hours per week over 4-6 days per week including weekends) and seasonal (mid-February through December 1st). Although the position is seasonal, we are looking to fill long-term employment (not solely one season).

About Southeast Mountain Guides:
At Southeast Mountain Guides (or “Southeast”), we believe in connecting with people by providing meaningful and engaging experiences in the realm of rock climbing. We offer Via Ferrata (cabled climbing system), Guided Rock Climbing, and Guided Rappelling services in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky; a world-class destination for both rock climbing and hiking. In addition to the services in our home base of “The Red”, we also offer guided rock climbing in multiple locations throughout the Southeastern U.S. Our mission is to help people who want to try rock climbing and to teach people who want to become rock climbers. Our core values of connection, growth, professionalism, servant leadership, & integrity guide us in offering climbing services that minimize risk; encourage learning; are refined, relevant, engaging, and unique; and that promote climbing stewardship through responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.

Position Description:
As an Assistant Manager (“AM”) of Southeast, you will work closely with other leadership member(s) in the overall leadership of Southeast operations, including management of the Southeast Crew and Reservation Office. This position is equally people-focused and technically demanding, both in the office and on the cliff. Examples of your work with people include, but are not limited to: as a leader of the crew, when checking clients in for their reservations, while helping clients and potential clients over the phone and in person, as well as in collaborating with other member(s) of leadership. You must also be highly self-sufficient and motivated to complete various office-related tasks, with a high level of competency, accuracy, and attention to detail. It is expected that you will continually develop yourself, your processes, and your effectiveness of communication. Overall, the Assistant Manager must be passionate about our company; its mission, standard, and core values; all roles and responsibilities required of the AM; and understand and operate from the “big picture” of Southeast.

Primary Responsibilities:
- Monitor, train, and motivate the crew to ensure they are upholding Southeast’s mission & core values
- Take reservations and help clients/potential clients via phone, email, text message, & in person
- Greet and check-in clients; ring in cash register sales
- Ensure the facility’s clean and professional appearance
- Monitor supply and merchandise inventory and order items as necessary
- Basic bookkeeping tasks
- Maintain Southeast’s presence in the community & on social media, including various marketing tasks
- Collaborate with other leadership member(s) on various business projects
- Regularly communicate with & meet with Southeast leadership member(s)

Secondary Responsibilities:
The Assistant Manager’s primary role is to support in leadership of the crew of Via Ferrata Instructors and in the management of the reservation office. In order to lead effectively, the AM must be proficient in all Via Ferrata Instructor responsibilities (detailed below). On occasion, the AM may need to perform these responsibilities in order to best support the team as a whole (for example, on busy Via Ferrata days such as Saturdays). In general, taking care of Southeast clients is paramount, and supersedes any/all roles and responsibilities of the AM.
- Facilitate 45-minute hands-on Via Ferrata orientations to clients
- “Lifeguard” clients as they climb the Via Ferrata and provide correction as needed
- Perform Via Ferrata rescues (provide aid to clients) by climbing to the client, hauling them with a rope and 3:1 haul system, and lowering them to the ground
- Clean and inspect climbing equipment
- Clean, tidy, and help maintain the facility and grounds

Minimum Qualifications:
- Strong understanding of and passion for Southeast’s services, mission, standard, & core values
- Passion for rock climbing; thorough understanding and knowledge base of rock climbing
- Passion for working with people
- Passion for office management
- Personality that is in alignment with Southeast’s core values. We are looking for leaders that are humble, confident, professional, joyful, friendly, and helpful; and overall, authentically “themselves”.
- Incredible communication skills. Must have the ability to connect with and effectively serve any type of client or potential client, as well as any crew member of any position within the organization. Must be willing to engage in challenging communication - cannot avoid conflict.
- Physical fitness: must be able to quickly learn and become competent in performing Via Ferrata rescues, which includes climbing to and then hauling individuals of all sizes with a 3:1 haul system.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Moderate to extensive climbing experience
- Experience teaching or working closely with people
- Office management, office work, and/or customer service experience
- Familiarity with the Red River Gorge area

How to Apply:
For more information and/or to apply for the position of Assistant Manager or our other open position of Via Ferrata Instructor, contact Southeast Mountain Guides via email at nicole*AT*southeastmountainguides.com or via phone at (Six Zero Six)-668-6613. We will follow up with more information and an application. Once we receive your completed application, we will begin a multi-stage interview process.

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