Gym Workouts ("Games")

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Gym Workouts ("Games")

Post by Rx2Climb » Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:49 pm

I got bored one day, so I decided to write down some of the gym workouts I do to have fun. Enjoy.

Keeping It Fresh in the Gym
Climbing Workouts That Feel More like Games

Warm up, work your project, burnout, and go home. Sound familiar? Over time gym climbing can become repetitive and just plain boring. Getting stuck in the same routine can lead to frustrating plateaus, and likely isn’t going to push your outside climbing either. So, I challenge you to try these climbing workouts (“games”) to push your pump and have some fun in the gym. Obviously, these workouts can be adjusted to your liking, or you can create your own. The important thing is that you are having fun and pushing your climbing. Go forth and crush!

Chutes and Ladders (1 up, 2 down)
- This is a fun game that will even let you work your project some. That is if you want to work that bastard of a project. Right?
- This workout can be performed while bouldering or on top rope, but usually works best for bouldering because of more problems at each grade.
- Start at the easiest grade and climb one problem at that grade
- If you send the problem, then move to the next grade
- If you fall on the first problem, then your terrible, go home. (Kidding!)
- When you fall, move down a grade and climb 2 problems at that level. Then move back up a grade
- Basically, every time you complete a problem you move up a grade and every time you fall you climb 2 problems at the grade below where you fell
- When you complete a route/problem at the hardest grade you can climb, then try your project
- Do not repeat any problems unless you have already completed every problem at that grade
- When you are sufficiently pumped or cannot complete problems 2 grades below your projected grade, then the game is over… win. Everybody wins!

Chutes and Ladders Circuits
- Essentially the same as Chutes and Ladders with a few extra caveats
- Every 2 minutes you should start a new route or perform a circuit exercise
- When you fall instead of climbing 2 problem at a grade down, you complete a circuit exercise and a problem a grade down before moving back up

Around the World Endurance Circuits
- This is my personal favorite and works best while bouldering because it involves quickly changing routes and exercises.
- Pick a grade that you know you should be able to climb every problem in the gym at, but you will likely have to take multiple attempts to complete some of the problems. Ideally there should also be at least 15 problems at this grade. If there are not enough problems, then combine a few grades
- Start at the first problem of that grade
- Climb in order of next on the wall a problem of that grade every 2 minutes (meaning every 2 minutes regardless of how much time you spent on the last problem you are starting a problem).
- When/if you fall, complete a circuit exercise at the next 2 minute mark and then get back on the same problem 2 minutes later.
- If you feel too pumped to get back on the same problem, then you can elect to complete another circuit exercise at the 2 minute mark, until you feel you can get back on the problem
- Only give up on a problem if you fail at least 4 times.
- If you get through every route at the grade, you win. Pick a harder grade next time, You Sandbagger!

Build a Bear
- This game can be played while bouldering, on top rope, or lead if you like to deck.
- Pick a section of wall with a lot of different colored tape on it (grade doesn’t matter).
- Climb the wall using any color tape. What’s the catch?
- Every move must be to a different color than the last move. For example, if your last move was to a lime green taped hold, your next move must not be to a lime green taped hold. Still sound easy? Well here is another rule; you can never have your hands on the same color or your feet on the same color. Feet on red and green with hands on red and green would be ok, but both hands on red would be a fail.
- If you make it to the top, then eliminate a color (preferable that of the easiest route) and climb it again.
- Repeat
- If you can send the section of wall using only one color and moves involving feet and hands on the wall, you win at life…..Congrats! Now climb a harder section of wall.

Circuit exercise examples/ideas
- 20 or more push-ups (any variation), 40 bicycle crunches, 40 or more body weight squats, 12 shoulder push-ups, 1 minute plank, 1 minute wall squat, 20 each leg single leg toe touches, or whatever tickles you fancy
- Mix up the circuit exercises to give yourself a total body workout (chest, abs, legs, and shoulders). Your back will be worked from the climbing, of course…...dummy.
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Re: Gym Workouts ("Games")

Post by tbwilsonky » Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:11 am

tough talk.

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Re: Gym Workouts ("Games")

Post by Stranndy3456 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:02 pm

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