RRGCC Announcement: Campfires are Not Permitted on the PMRP

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RRGCC Announcement: Campfires are Not Permitted on the PMRP

Post by Meadows » Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:24 am

With cooler temps upon us and the dedication to chase routes despite the frigid rock, many of us may be tempted to take extra measures to stay warm and start a campfire at the cliff. This message is to remind you that open-flame fires are not permitted on the PMRP.

Regardless of your outdoor experience especially with proper care of a campfire, there are certain reasons we are asserting this rule on the PMRP.
  • There is risk of a simple campfire escalating into a wild fire. This poses a serious threat to the oil companies’ equipment such as wells, lines, storage tanks, etc. Besides the economic impact to the oil companies, fire damage to their operations could potentially have disastrous environmental consequences that could threaten recreational use of the area. We could lose the area to climbing.

    Uncontrolled wildfires harm the soil, plant and animal life, as well as increases erosion and stream siltation.

    Campfires near the base of the cliffs create an unsightly mess. Smoke from these fires can leave soot and carbon deposits on the rock.
The RRGCC has endeavored to help secure this land for climbing in addition to increasing rapport with the oil companies. Please do your part in keeping the PMRP beautiful and accessible to climbing.

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