Muir Valley Rescue Group Training

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Muir Valley Rescue Group Training

Post by weber » Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:56 pm

Ascending/descending and litter packaging training for those in the Muir Valley Rescue Group, for anyone interested in joining this group, and for anyone else interested in helping in the event of a climbing accident at Muir, the PMRP or anywhere else. Training will begin at 8 AM next Saturday, August 6. Meet in the Muir Parking Lot. The rescue training area is located only 120 yards from the parking lot. No charge, of course. No previous rescue/SAR experience needed, but if you are a WFR, SPI, or certified in rope rescue, your help would be very valuable.

Learn how to ascend a rope using various methods to quickly access a climber in distress. Litter packaging and transport will also be taught.

Muir Valley Rescue is a climber-helping-climber volunteer group that has played an indispensable role in several rescues in Muir since its coming into being earlier this year. At least two climbers owe their lives, in part, to the efforts of Good Samaritan-minded climbers who provide life saving skills when someone was critically injured. Membership is absurdly simple, as there is no formal structure. Simply state your desire to help an injured climber in a Good Samaritan way to the limits of your skills and qualifications. No obligations, dues, or formal organization. Training in a variety of rescue skills will be periodically offered at no charge and to anyone interested. 2-way radios for monitoring Muir's emergency channel will also be offered at no charge (as the current supply permits.)

Training will be conducted by Rick Weber, a Certified Technical Rope Rescue Instructor and AMGA Single Pitch Instructor.

Training will start at 8 AM and conclude when everyone has had a chance to try out different methods. Following lunch, there will be a speed challenge to see who can ascend a 45-foot cliff in the shortest time. Prizes will be awarded. Use whatever method you wish, but be forewarned that the cliff includes a positive-sloped section, as well as overhangs. (So leave your fancy rope walkers at home unless you want banged up knees.)

Bring helmet, harness, and gloves. If you don't have them, they will be provided. Also, be sure to bring lunch and plenty of water/drinks.

We prefer you PM if you are coming. Or, join the event on the Muir Valley Rescue Facebook page
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