911 Phone Number Not Working

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911 Phone Number Not Working

Post by weber » Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:25 am

At this time (July 7, 2013), if you call 911 in Wolfe and at least parts of Lee Counties your call may not be answered. Hopefully, this is a temporary malfunction. Friday, 911 was called no less than 20 times during a serious emergency in Muir Valley with no answer. An ambulance was dispatched only after a direct call on an emergency UHF radio was made to the dispatcher's UHF radio.

So, if you are climbing in or near Wolfe County (Muir Valley, Friction Slab, Emerald City, The Zoo, Global Village, or Beer Trailer Craig), and you need an ambulance, you can call the ambulance office direct at 606-668-6757. If you need a sheriff, you can reach them on their non-emergency number at 606-668-3569.

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