Thanks, Dr. Bob

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Thanks, Dr. Bob

Postby Liz_Weber » Tue Apr 08, 2008 2:18 pm

Dr. Bob Matheny has very kindly agreed to provide his expertise to help address our desire to know the best course of action in the event of a medical emergency at Muir. We think his comments are valuable and applicable also in the event of an emergency at other climbing venues. So, with his permission we are posting his comments below:

[color=blue]"The possibility of traumatic injury, justifiably, consumes a tremendous amount of our first-aid planning when venturing into the wild and often precludes other medical planning, however, when considered critically, medical illness often presents a greater immediate threat to life than trauma. Preparation for medical illness can be surprisingly simple and the response gratifying, a few widely available medications and a familiarity with your partner’s medical issues can anticipate and treat a substantial number of problems. I would like to present a brief and, by no means exhaustive, review of significant first aid issues that might arise during an outing and the potential responses. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to provide information that will allow individuals to review their response to the “wildernessâ€
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