Lost Patagonia DAS and Down Jacket on KY-11

Selling some gear? Find or lose something?

Lost Patagonia DAS and Down Jacket on KY-11

Postby endy » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:08 pm

A red bag came off the top of my veichle with clothing in it including a Patagonia DAS parka and a Mountain Equipment down jacket. The people behind me returned another item that fell off but this red bag was grabbed by someone before they got back to it. I was on the way to PMRP from Miguel’s and it came off about half way I think once the road opened up.

I’d be happy to give a reward for any awesome people that can get me my gear retuned! My number is,

Seven O 3
8 slx 3
3 ohh 6 flve
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